Post your Positives is not my idea but I like it! It’s simple, post something positive for others to read and while you’re at it, read what others have posted. Trust me, it doesn’t hurt ;).

Put anything you like in the comments as long as its “positive” because regardless of what you may think, you do matter, you are special and everyone makes a difference. It’s too easy to “Get down”, trust me your warriors get down sometimes during deployments and its family and great supporters like you backing them that keeps us going when things get ugly.

Just like this warrior made a positive impact on the young warrior by saluting him. Take 5 seconds and post something, anything, you won’t regret it – Time for a CGar!



  1. Good Moto morning Monday Sir.
    “Hit the deck running, attitude makes your day, either bad or good, attitude, you are the one who is ultimately responsible for the outcome of your day.
    Be the person you were made to be and represent MY Corps today, like I did YOUR Corp in my day. SAEPE EXPERTUS, SEMPER FIDELIS, FRATRES AETERNI. ”
    Thank you Sir for the privilege of leaving something someone might have forgotten, or validate someone’s way being.
    By your leave Sir, places to be ………..
    Door Gunner on Heavy Hog days gone by…….

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