Because OMV has a robust reader volume (aprx 1,00 hits a day) I get a ton, crap load, mega dump of soliciters that wantme to advertise their products on my site. Notice, I dont have any "click here" crap on my site because you dont want to be bothered by that stuff when you are trying to read about whats on the blog and lastly, I dont want to earn $ that way, not my style. However, the below has some merit and believe it is legit and with good intentions and more importanly, I know all of us could use the help in paying for further education. I was wasnt compensated for this post, FYI, again, not my style.  Time for a C-gar


eLearners is awarding a new $1000 scholarship giveaway to two lucky students who are veterans, active duty service members or spouses of service members or veterans . Winners can use this one-time payment for whatever they choose. The drawing will be held on or about March 9th and recipients will be notified by mail or phone. You can view the scholarship directly here:

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