I attended a college football game this weekend and at halftime they honored your military which was pretty cool. It was good to see everyone applauding for their warriors. I guess from my view, I (your service members) we don’t see that view often. We hear about it “hey they honored the military at the game” you might hear but to see it was pretty cool. Now that I have been home for a bit from deployments it’s good to see that kind of stuff. We can hear about it but to see it, is different. Thanks to all of you that honor your warriors like is done below.

This was recorded at Dallas/Ft.Worth International Airport.

As you watch the video, notice the number of people watching from inside the terminal. Most people have no idea Delta does this. Hats off to them. This soldier was a K9 soldier with a dog trained to find IED's. Yes the
second small coffin is his partner.

Regardless how your Monday goes, keep it in perspective, it wasn’t that bad. Time for a C-Gar

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