The Marine Times did a story on the below SgtMaj that had a "run in" with a protestor wearing a campaign cover. The SgtMaj that confronted the protester did keep his cool and the dude wearing the campaign cover (protesting) filed charges against the Sgtmaj only to get the SgtMaj fired. Really, he filed charges? The SgtMaj must have scared him pretty bad. This is a good story how your Marine Corps has changed. Ask yourself if the outcome would have been the same during Sept 11 attacks or even during WWII? Your Marine Corps is being torn apart. Hope you can survive without them. Time for a C-Gar

All day Marines had been coming to him with questions about a man who stood protesting outside Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island, South Carolina, wearing the distinctive drill instructor’s campaign cover, known affectionately as a “Smokey Bear.” Like the Marines he spoke with, Archie felt that wearing the uniform item in a political protest was inappropriate and even against official regulations.


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