There are many things I could call posers of your military warriors but I think the internet police will send me another finger shaking notice. Eh..

Below read about this knob who figured it was cool to serve a very short time in the beloved Marines then say he was all that and a slice a bread too when he was wounded. It only takes one bad apple kids, stay in school for the love of God!

Here is your tip of the day, if your gut is telling you something is up, then more than likely there is something up. Good advice if you come across a poser like this. Time for a C-Gar



By: Sharon Aron Baron

What started as a feel-good story about a wounded combat veteran and his service dog, turned out to be a pandora’s box of deceit as information was uncovered by military activists who found evidence that the veteran was lying about his service.

Coral Springs resident Jarrett Gimbl, claims that he was injured while on active duty overseas, suffering from post traumatic stress disorder while struggling with a traumatic brain injury.

Gimbl runs a Facebook page dedicated to Gunny, his service dog, which has over 12,000 followers. The story is that Gunny assisted him with the difficulty of adjusting to civilian life from his combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. The followers of the page are very involved with his story, offering him support and assistance. After all, this was a man who sustained injuries while serving all of us.

It makes a fantastic story. Unfortunately, it is just that – a story.

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