There are days like Monday that many fell like their day was difficult. Some may feel ”why me?” If it wasn’t for bad luck I wouldn’t have any luck. However, if they just realized how much worse off they could be they wouldn’t whine on Monday morning. When your Monday kicks your butt, or you at least feel like your butt is kicked, think about this warrior. Time for a C-Gar


It was as though I was watching myself die from afar, witnessing my own life slip away from me. I looked at my Marines as they knelt around me, hitting and screaming for me to wake up, crying out for my life. All I wanted was to comfort them in what I imagined were my last moments.

I had so much to say: I wanted them to know everything would be okay and that I was no longer in pain, but the strength to speak escaped me. I was proud of them and they needed to know they had done everything possible to save me, and if I was to die it was not by their hand. They needed to hear that I would see them all again. But as what little strength I had faded, as the darkness began to surround me, I was sure that death was inevitable.

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