Through some credible sources saying that there is a very strong possibility that our Marine Sgt. Tahmooressi may be released soon from a Mexican jail. Although there have been American motorcycle clubs and other groups that went to Mexico to get the Marine, none to date have retrieved the Marine.

Very recently there has been a bright spark of interest from Washington. The President you say? Nope, not even a peep from him (too busy playing golf).


Who would have an interest in getting the Marine back (beside 99.99percent of America) this person would want to get some sort of an advantage somehow. Yes, unfortunately the Marine has become a political pawn and non-other than a certain congressman that sees this as an opportunity to help grow his failing economy in California.

There is word that Chairman Ed Royce (R-Calif.) is working with the Mexican government to get the Marine free. However, at what cost? I would bet this particular congressman would be backing the president in an ever approaching vote for nationalization of over 6 million illegals in our country (esp Cali).

Sgt. Tahmooressi is being pressed to claim he is suffering from PTSD. Hmmm that’s funny, he wasn’t complaining from any issues before he went to Mexico. That’s because he isn’t. The “deal” for him to even pray to see America anytime soon is for him to claim he is mentally suffering from an illness (PTSD). This allows the Mexican government an out. By him claiming PTSD the Mx gov can move him to a different group of so called “criminals", much like how the US does. Although the Marine, you and I know its total bullshit.

Watch, I bet ya a cold beer when he does get free, the (not so involved golf playing) pres takes responsibility for it and because you read this blog, you will know he is full of it.

Let’s hope for our Marine this works and he can get back into America. You heard it here on OMV fist. Time for a C-Gar

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