Special-Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force Central Command will be based out of Kuwait, a Marine official said. Here, senior Marine leaders thank members of Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force-Crisis Response at Naval Air Station Sigonella, Italy, on Sept. 3. (Sgt. Gabriela Garcia / Marine Corps)

One of this presidents “claim to fame” (used very loosely) was that “he” ended the Iraq war. How’s that working out for him? Now, he can add that he rejuvenated the Iraq war all by himself when we would have be done by now but he ended “early” on his watch.

“The US Marine Corps is preparing to deploy about 2,100 grunts to be based out of Kuwait in a new unit configuration designed to respond to crises in the region, according to Corps officials.”

This is a Special SPMAGTF (Special-Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force) one of many Marine Corps tools that is specially built for special occasions for battles. These aren’t peace keepers, UN soldiers, tree huggers or official kumbaya singers, no, these are war fighters. They won’t be there to hand out food, but to kill bad guys, straight up. America currently has well over one thousand servicemembers in Iraq and it’s going to grow. Remember though America, your Marine Corps is at a all time population low because this administration has cut us to bare bones through the sequeastration. If we send these warriors to Kuwait, that means they wont be somwhere else unlike 5-10 years ago. Hows that make you feel? (bet ya dont hear this on the news)

It’s amazing how the one that thumped his drum so hard about ending the war in Iraq is actually sending us right back into it from scratch. Better hang on America. Time for a C-Gar

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