Isn’t it interesting how we go from “ending the war on my watch” to “perhaps that was a bad idea & now I have to send our troops back to Iraq to start all over?” Despite how war is ugly and yes people die, we would have been done by now and the loss much less than what we are facing by sending troops back to restart the problem that could have been eliminated if it weren’t for “political publicity.” But you readers here already knew that.

Lets also remeber gang, your military has been crushed as far as numbers (i.e. USMC sent 20,000 enlisted Marines out of the Corps this May (one month), told 1,700 Officers "bye" (July) as did the Army and other branches. Do more with less? Really? So when does your kid sign up congressman? 


Sad thing, if this administration gets out of office this new Iraq war will fall on the next administration. Let’s just remember who is starting this one again after not finishing it in the first place. Time for a C-Gar


AMERICA'S TOP MILITARY LEADER, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey, tells Congress he will recommend the use of 'US military ground forces' if the international coalition to fight the Islamic State proves ineffective — though President Obama last week vowed he wouldn't 'get dragged into another ground war in Iraq.' Read more here

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