Every year on this day I do a post like the thousands of other bloggers & news pages. However, we should remember those that were murdered that day and those that died avenging America in the years to come. One thing that gets me is every day on Sep 11 you hear about “attacks on the anniversary.”

Here is a question you have to ask yourself. Do you get ready for your first day of work, school “whatever” the day of the event? No, you prepare yourself and work up to it. So I ask why do we always fear that there is going to be an “attack” on the anniversary of 9/11? I answer you, because we haven’t prepared for it and it’s a legit concern.

This administration of “no plan” should scare the hell out of you. What if we said “we don’t have a plan for the bombing of Pearl Harbor?” That wouldn’t have flown for shit. In past years there was pre-work done to prevent such attacks. Counter strikes to put the still thriving enemy on their heels. The past year especially, this hasn’t been done. The “big government” wants to take more of your responsibility but on the other hand, isn’t protecting you. How does that make you feel? I pray there is no counter attack this 9-11 because change & hope isn’t a “plan”. God Bless America, we could use his help. Time for a Cigar


  1. We have a Kick A$$ Military
    We have a Candy A$$ Government.
    It must be frustrating for the military to know what needs to be done but prohibited from doing it.
    I’m an old Irish Widow and if they’d let me I’d paint myself blue and take on ISIS myself.
    Thank you for your service.

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