At least when I was in Iraq & Afghanistan we had a mission. We had goals, we saw improvements, we made a difference. Since this administration has taken office and claimed “he ended the war in Iraq”

"After nearly 9 years, America's war in Iraq will be over," said Mr. Obama.

Things have spun out of control and the threat is closer to the US than ever before. Back when we were living off of forward operating bases and making a difference we had the momentum and took the fight to the enemy. Now, the enemy  is getting stronger and are obtaining he upper hand. What will it take another strike on US soil to “develop a plan?”

If you are frustrated, think about those in harms way, as sitting ducks.

Amid the mixed messages, a source in contact with special operators in Iraq told Fox News that "frustration and confusion reign" among Americans on the ground there. 

The source relayed the complaint of an unnamed special operator: "Chase them to the Gates of Hell? How the [f—] are we going to do that when we can't even leave the front gate of our base!?" 

We had goals, we saw improvements, we made a difference, now we do nothing, without a plan. Time for a C-Gar
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  1. Exactly. As I write, this is Sept. 8 2014. On Wednesday, Obama is going to tell us his plan to Have the USA govt., + some of the USA’s allies, go to do military strikes against the Isis group in Syria. Meaning, Obama’s going to war in Syria.
    And WHERE are the anti-war Democrats, [and various other US anti-war people], who screamed + scowled in anger, and said that Pres. Bush Jr. should never have gone to war in: The War in Iraq? They are nowhere.
    Obama’s going to Syria to fight terrorism…Bush did the same to end Saddam Hussein’s govt. from: continuing to pay $25,000 to each family who had a suicide bomber terrorist go + attack Israel.
    The anti-war Democrats said that Bush going to the War in Iraq would cost unnumbered, US military lives…and so will Obama’s war in Syria.
    The anti-war Dem.s said that Bush going to the War in Iraq cost lots of US treasure…and so will Obama’s war in Syria.
    If the anti-war Democrats, and any other Democrats, won’t stop Obama from doing this war aka military action, in Syria, then they will make their complaints about Pres. Bush going to war in Iraq, invalid.

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