Many have seen the “threats” and barbaric actions from ISIS on TV. Currently our administration isn’t sure how to battle this organization and a couple hell fire missiles won’t be the cure all solution, they surely didn't help James Foley. The even more immediate issue is how does this administration deal with this group within the US? They have already admitted they don’t know how to contain them and have resulted to “restraining their money flow”. Wow that will make them stop beheading Christians, innocent reporters and children for sure! The gloves have come off (thats sarcasm for those that haven't had a cup of coffee yet)

IsisNote the ISIS sign? Its in Furguson during the riots.


If you don’t really think that ISIS isn’t already within the US, stop living in a closet and wake up. There have been many examples that they are within the US and forming to move when they are ready. But Pain, how did they get into the US? I’ll tell ya,right under our nose, the southern border. This administration would state that the border is secure. Really? Then why did the White House send the Natl Guard to the border after Gov Perry did it? Because they know it’s not even close to be secure.

You may be surprised to learn, however, that thousands of the illegals caught crossing the borders are classified as “OTMs” (Other Than Mexicans). A substantial number of these OTMs are Muslim terrorists.

Isis2ISIS has already gotten close to the White House

Even worse, along with our newest enemy coming across the border, all of the other illegal aliens are crossing with something almost as deadly as ISIS. Ebola and many other diseases that the US hasn’t had to fight for centuries are running rabid. Just check out how many states are requesting support for ebola patients (same states illegal juvenile kids were sent that crossed from Mexico).


(30+ RED states currently investigating morthan likely Ebola patients)



Border Patrol Council reports that 75 percent of illegal border crossers are from countries around the globe, other than Mexico. They are bringing diseases not common to, or eradicated from, the U.S

Much of this could have been eliminated if the borders were actually secured. Did you know that many places along the southern border there is no fence, no nothing to keep any illegal traffic going in our out? Wait a minute; the Pres said the border is secure….not.

"the Government Accountability Office, that said just 44 percent of the 2,000-mile-long border is under operational control, and just 15 percent is totally controlled.

“Mr. President, 44 percent is a failing grade,” said House Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith, Texas Republican. “If 44 percent is the most secure the border has ever been, it’s time to get to work to improve the grade. The American people expect nothing less than an A-plus on border security.”

Mr. Obama ridiculed those objections, saying he can never do enough to appease some: “Maybe they’ll need a moat. Maybe they’ll want alligators in the moat,” he said.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano last week told Congress that she is scrapping the “operational control” yardstick and will come up with a new definition to measure border security that does not require the border to be entirely sealed – something she said is not achievable."




On top of that many Border Patrol agents are actually quitting their job because they see this administration not changing a thing and restricting their hands to a no win solution. They catch a guy, then the administration releases them, into the US. "Why am I putting myself at risk for this? "

Records from a detention center near Phoenix, AZ, show illegals from Afghanistan, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Sudan, and Yemen in custody.

However, in the news you will continue to see how America is planning on “fighting” ISIS abroad with "specific" missiles, perhaps we should fight them within first, then worry about them abroad because they are here. Shutting the border will help but look at how many illegal aliens are already in the US.

The number of illegal immigrants in the U.S. is actually closer to 20 million, according to former Border Patrol agents who issued a letter this weekend disputing the count of 11 million that the government and most top private demographers use.(this was taken from 2013, just think what it is now)(Thats alot of potential "voters")

Problem is, this administration is behind the power curve and catching up is a long stretch. You, the legal American will suffer being a terrorist attack, virus (ebola) or simply no job because it was given to an illegal alien. Actions are louder than words.
Lets see their actions and see if they "act" to fix the problem or play golf. Time for a C-Gar





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