First this administration declares they “ended” the war in Iraq, only to send Americans back there this year. Now with things spinning way out of control in Iraq, little is being done. It could have been done before we pulled out and we were close to accomplishing it. Now you have this deck of cards. Before you think about leaving a comment that todays issues are “Bush’s fault” spit out the cool aid, go pour ice over your head & take the ASL challenge but don’t post that crap here. It’s time for this administration to take ownership. If not, when?  Below is a good write up on what it means from Mary Habeck – Time for a C-Gar

Over the past few weeks, the world has gotten its first look at how the Islamic State (IS) Caliphate would function, and it has not been a pretty sight.

The bad news began with the destruction of shrines, mosques, tombs, and other parts of Iraq’s cultural heritage.  Even worse news was to come as the extremists turned to the slaughter of captured Iraqi soldiers and the ethnic cleansing of minority and Shi’a Iraqis.  Last week, IS went further in its descent into Nazi-like behavior with the kidnapping of large numbers of women for sex slavery and the mass murder of religious minorities such as the Yazidis, the practitioners of the pre-Islamic religion of the Kurds.

For those that think we can ignore this enemy & they wont come to the US, your wrong again, they are already here (thank you open borders) Note the ISIS sign in the background of recent Ferguson news reporting.




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