I have been traveling this week through Camp Pendleton and the west coast so there were a few post missing this week but below is one that will make you grateful we have great Americans out there sacrificing every day. Remember America, we are still at war! Time for a C-Gar

"The Marine who suffered the injury saw this video and contacted the site to let them know that he made a full recovery. The veterans’ site explained that this video provided a very good lesson for Americans who haven’t served in the military:

At minimum, a video like this can help the average civilian realize (on a very minuscule level) what some of our veterans have had to deal with during their deployments.


If you are a civilian and find yourself wanting to ask a veteran a question like, “Have you ever killed anyone” or “Did you lose any friends over there”, remember that it’s images like this that will be flashing through their mind when you do, so it’s usually a good idea to keep those questions to yourself.

Very good advice, and thankfully a happy ending to an otherwise frightening video."

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