Ever have one of those days where you really just don’t want to put up with any bullshit? Of course you have, those days you want to backhand any cry babies who are whining about mundane shit but think if they keep complaining to you, you will pat them on the ass and cuddle them like their momma. Yes, I have these days here in the US and for all the crybabies out there, there is no “Sympathy Dept” sign above my head so get your big girl/boy panties on and do what is expected of you without me telling you how awesome you are for doing basic shit a 5 year old can do with a little leadership. WTF people?

I like to interrupt people when they are giving me their sob story about how they can’t cope because its “just so tough” and tell them they would actually be able to deal with their situation if they got out of my office and go take care of the problem instead of leaving big crocadile tears on my desk thinking I will do their job for them. Amazing!

The same frustration occurred in Afg & Iraq when I was there but it was a bit different. We wanted to kick the dog shit out of the bad guys but they knew if they started a fight, we would end it so those engagements were not as often as you liked. This video shares that frustration. Perhaps you could just start telling “crybabies” that come to you for motherly love to “wear their seat belts, don't run with scissors and drink milk” (watch the video) Time for a C-Gar!


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