There are times when a certain warrior comes along and does something so above and beyond, many will never really understand the situation. When Cpl Carpenter used his body to take the blast of a grenade, he didn’t sit there and think about the consequences, think about those he would leave behind if most likely died, or thought if his fellow Marine was going to jump on it first. No, he acted selflessly and made a split second decision and executed it flawlessly. Being in numerous shitty situations myself (gunfights, ied attacks, suicide attacks etc. etc.) I still can’t fathom the courage of this warrior. A fine example of an American who is willing to give his all, not expect anything in return and do it for the warrior next to him. Surprisingly enough, there are several young American warriors out there just like him, let hope they don’t have to jump on a grenade to let America see what they are inside. Time for a C-Gar

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