Iraq 2014

You read it here on OMV where your marines were headed back to Iraq. Now, news agencies are quietly leaking that even more warriors are headed back to Iraq. Something to think about: The Pres stated that his primary reason for pulling out US service members in 2011 was that we “won” the war, Sadam was dead, and it was a senseless and “dumb” war.


Many reports say he pulled US forces out because the Iraqi government would begin prosecuting US forces under Iraqi law (no SOFA agreement to protect US members) and by the way, it was election year and he promised to “end” the Iraqi war. Currently, there is still no written agreement between Iraq & the US that Iraq won’t prosecute US members under Iraqi law. Does any of this make sense to you especially since we have troops going back to Iraq?

Press Secretary Rear Adm. John Kirby said that the first 40 were already in Iraq, assigned to the Office of Security Cooperation. The Special Operations troops were "re-missioned" and began working today as the first two assessment teams.

Another 90 military personnel arrived in Baghdad today to begin setting up the Baghdad Joint Operations Center. These troops were deployed from around the Central Command area of operations, and include Special Operations troops, intelligence analysts, logisticians, IT support, etc. — from all the U.S. armed services, not just the Army.

Approximately 50 more troops will deploy to Iraq in the next few days and will form the next four assessment teams, officials said.

Kirby also said that the U.S. is now flying between 30 to 35 ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) flights per day around Iraq.

In doing simple math for Marines I get the following to date: 2,200 warriors from the USMC MEU

300 Special Forces 

Plus the above mentioned is about 3,000 US service members, not including any of the mentioned pilots doing the numerous flights overhead (with no guarantee they won’t be tried under Iraqi law – SOFA).

But now Obama is promising to send in hundreds of special operations forces based on a “written promise” that these soldiers will not be tried in Iraq’s famously compromised courts for actions they are taking in defense of Baghdad.

You have to remember sports fans, you can’t send in US warriors (aka “advisors”) let them call in air strikes and not let them defend themselves. Furthermore, why would you risk America’s sons & daughters by setting them up for failure? Tried by Iraqi law? Calling them “advisors” and having them call in air strikes are very different. Advisors don’t do raids, airstrikes etc, why would you send them there and not allow them to actually do a job that needs to be done? If you did, they wouldn’t be “advisors”.

The Combat Advisor Mission Defined. The combat advisor mission requires US officers and NCOs to teach, coach and mentor host nation (HN) security force counterparts. This enables the rapid development of our counterparts' leadership capabilities; helps develop command and control (C2) and operational capabilities at every echelon; allows direct access to Coalition Forces (CF) enablers to enhance HN security force counterinsurgency (COIN) operations.

Obviously, the “advisor” smoke screen is being used to send our warriors back to iraq. Notice, the rules of engagement aren’t being talked about nor is the actual mission or deployment duration. Wait, casualties will begin to come in because like any US warrior, they will shoot back when shot at.

“war based not on reason but on passion, not on principle but on politics.” “What I am opposed to is a dumb war,” Senator Obama said about Iraq (2002)

Time for a C-Gar

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