Lejeune Marines

DOVER AIR FORCE BASE, DEL. — An Ottumwa Marine is one step closer to home. The United States Air Force released a photo Tuesday of the transfer of Lance Cpl. Adam Wolff’s remains. The official Air Force photo was taken Monday night at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware. Wolff was killed in action Friday in Helmand province in Afghanistan. He grew up in rural Wapello County and was a 2006 graduate of Cardinal High School. Wolff was 25-years old. On Monday, family members told KTVO that they were still making funeral arrangements for Wolff. They expected that there would be a service in Ottumwa this week.


I would love to say “yes, everyone heard about this” but I know it’s not true. There are so many “distractors” on the news that many have already forgotten about those mistreated in VA hospitals, and the problem isn’t still fixed. We were diverted to a “recovered hero prisoner” that took your attention away from our official’s failures on our service members in the VA so they had to cover it up with a bigger smoke screen and call him a “hero”. Wow…. Now we have so called “officials” getting caught in lies about “lost emails” and through all of these stories no one is being a “leader” and taking responsibility for anything. Except three Marines who have taken responsibility and gave the ultimate sacrifice for what they believe in, America! Ya, that’s right, these warriors have more intestinal fortitude than all of the so called “headlines” and when they screw up, they are man enough to own up to it. However, they didn’t screw up like the “others” in our headlines, no they were at the pointy end of the spear while these “others” slept comfortable under the security blanket these Marines provide. Vomit, WTF America, we forgot we have warriors still fighting and put more focus on the distractors. What ever happened to holding all of America’s leaders accountable? These Marines are accountable and America should at least know they gave their life defending it. Time for a C-Gar

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