Is it a coincidence or is it just me? Interesting, the VA gets totally busted letting down your vets and letting them die. Ya know dead like never coming back. Sons, daughters, moms and dads, dead, within the US. We are the “strongest country in the world” and we can’t even take care of our warriors. The VA somehow tries to say “everything is all better now” by firing a couple people but the problem still isn’t even close to being fixed. I bet it’s in the same status it was before all of this hit the fan. WTF? High level people in Washington are on vacation to Hawaii and heroes are left to die right here within the US.


I find it interesting how when the VA shitstorm hits the news, out of the freaking blue we find this joker Sgt that we haven’t been able to locate for five years. If there is a voice in your head going “hmmm I think Pain is onto something here” YOU get it!

Have you heard anything in the news about any type of VA problem fixing? Anything? Cricket…’s one thing to neglect our vets, another to neglect them, then ignore them after you have been exposed. Is it a coincidence or is it just me? Time for a C-Gar

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