Brothers, some are from the same mother, some are not. Regardless in battle, all are brothers and when the shit hits the fan, they will be there for one another. Despite if they have issues between one another, when faced with a common enemy, you are in trouble. I have seen many acts of kindness and bravery between warriors even if they have never served with one another they share a common bond  many will never understand. In the below you get the rare opportunity to see “behind” the curtain of the unique “brotherhood” of your warriors. Some are from the same mother, some are not. Time for a C-Gar

Brotherly Farewell Caught On Dustoff Helmet Cam Will 2 days ago 282 afghanistan Ganjgal Kunar medal of honor Swenson Combat Footage Feel Good PreviousNext 297K 424 Share80 Share94 This video was taken by a pilot and crew chief on a dustoff bird that was flying MEDEVAC in Kunar in 2009. The events shown are from the Battle of Ganjgal, a firefight that earned both CPT Swenson (shown) and CPL Dakota Meyer the Medal Of Honor. Regardless of your thoughts on the politicians that start and perpetuate these wars, that’s not what this page is about, and those that never served and troll the comments section about such topics will never be privileged enough to understand that. You don’t fight for presidents, oil or for the empire. You may stand for freedom, but you don’t fight for it. You fight for your brothers that are standing shoulder to shoulder with you, while looking into the face of an early death, in a filthy and forsaken no man’s land. Nothing else matters at that point but your brothers. This is what brotherhood looks like. (see full story at Funker530)

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