During the Iraq and Afg war, America was spent well over $6 Trillion dollars. In 2013 the official report stated the Government had well over $1 Trillion set aside for spending to care for veterans returning from combat through 2050(source – Crawford, Neta and Catherine Lutz. "Economic and Budgetary Costs of the Wars in Afghanistan, ) In all of Zeuses Maximus does it make even the slightest sense that now in 2014, we apparently have no money to care for our heroes?

They accounted for plenty of money to go to war, but now as our administration is claiming they are “ending the wars” they have misplaced the money set aside to care for our warriors. This has been most evident in the recent “Secret Lists” emerging. Furthermore, these “lists” aren’t just in one state. No, similar lists have emerged in Florida, New Mexico and many other states. Does this make any sense to you?

I think its plain chicken shit! You cant push the blame of this to any previous admiration, as its happened on this watch, previous administrations didn’t spend it, they set it aside. The big question is why hasn’t this been on the news very much? Because the American people might not agree with it? Guess what, they don’t. However, if you remain silent about it, nothing will get done about it and your heroes will continue to suffer in some dark place as their families watch them die. THAT doesn’t seem like the way you treat our warriors. Time for a C-Gar


A single, secret wait list contributed to the deaths of dozens of veterans in a single VA hospital. Insiders say there could be many, many more such lists.

Outrage has been building since claims emerged last week that at least 40 veterans died while waiting for treatment from a Phoenix VA hospital. A whistleblower who had worked at the Phoenix VA alleged that the facility placed veterans on a secret waiting list to hide the fact that they had even sought care. But in the furor over the latest revelations, an even larger and more serious problem may be getting lost. It’s likely that there are more secret wait lists concealing patient delays throughout the VA medical system, putting untold numbers of veterans in jeopardy. Read more here


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