There are some the American people will never really understand what their warriors do when the shit hits the fan in war. Sure, they will hear stories, they will see videos but the warrior that endures leaving his family, dealing with stress of a long deployment, being mentally and physically worn out for that period then has a group of people who would like to kill him, with all of that smashed into one person, well it’s a lot to imagine. This video catches some of that in a brief moment. Problem is, after the video, your day goes on. His, well, there is tomorrow and let’s just say we will take it one day at a time. "You good, ya I'm Good"….priceless Time for a C-Gar


"Do you know how I know that these guys are deep in it?

  • Charge #0
  • Using same sight data for WP and HE
  • Not leveling bubbles
  • Engaging direct fire with M4 from the mortar pit

They don’t even put new data on the sight when they transition to new targets while they just guess at what charges to fire the rounds on. This is immediate suppression at its finest. I think it’s safe to say that their were no friendly forces outside of the COP".(hat tip-Funkers)

A Facebook comment from a someone who was there that day:

“For the record.. this is 2-503rd… Chowkay Valley (Seray Base) , Kunar Province (roughly 5 K south of the Korengal Valley)…OEF 8 May 07 – Aug 08… This was my section.. and before ppl start making comments of how messed up this looks, know this.. we were in 107 firefights in 15 months.. my section was very proficient with the elevations and charges of every round for on all 87 pre planned targets we had surrounding our base.. all we did was direct lay, because 97% of our mission were in COP defense… we had poles littered throughout the mortar pit to guide our tube with each idividual charge and elevation.. we averaged 40 -60 round per fire fight and we had 0 (zero) collateral damage in 15 months.. we had many casualties and would have had more if it wasn’t for my boys doing what you see here.. so before you put an ignorant comment like you know what you are talkng about.. you might want to do some research…put yourselves in our shoes.. taking fire on average from three to four different sides surrounding us.. from small arms..RPG’s.. 107mm rockets, MG and DSHKA fire all with two indirect fire guns and two 3 man mortar teams.. we SURVIVED and destroyed the enemy for 15 months and saved lives.. those of our brother to our right and left and those of the two small villages who were being harrased by the Taliban on a daily basis… I usually dont comment on these pirated videos that somehow got put on the internet when they were for our personal closure and lessoned learned, but stupid ppl need to know the facts before they start making accusations about my Soldiers…Thunder 5 Out!”


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