Here is something to think about, this month was one of only three months in the war in Afghanistan that no Americans were killed. Wow, I’m very happy about this.iCasualties reports (2) deaths but those deaths, although a great loss were not combat related deaths. 

However, what does this mean? I can tell you what it means, it means that no one is leaving the forward operating bases and the war is basically over especially since we announced the withdrawal in 2014. Not only are we not “taking” it to the enemy, the ROEs are so restricted that even if we did leave the bases, fighting would almost be only in self-protection. The US has publicized how we will be out of Afghanistan by 2014 and I’m sure everyone will yell and celebrate when they start pushing it on the news. However, remember, that doesn’t mean we are pulling 100% of our young warriors out of there. Nope, we plan on leave up to 40, 000 warriors there as “advisors”. Does that make sense to you? If we “pull out” then doesn’t that mean everyone?

I know there will news casts and the such when it starts but I dare any reporter to ask “what about those staying behind”, you know, those without the required air support, medevac and the stuff you need to let’s see, fight a war? Guess you don’t need that stuff as “advisors” no, that stuff will go back to the States. Don’t let this month’s numbers fool you, Marines in general, don’t want to go to Afg now because they know the deal and it stinks. The Marine Corps is now talking yearlong deployments to Afg as they set the stage for the “advisor” role. Would hate to be one of those “advisors” but again how many congressman etc. kids will be “advisors”, not many….

Time for a C-Gar


  1. I lost my best friend in Viet Nam when he went in at age 19 as an ‘Advisor’. That was when we were told that NO Americans were there. Advisor? Again our Gov’t. is going to leave our best to fend for themselves. Pitiful.

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