This is an interesting article that gives you the facts and lets you make your own decision. I can tell you from serving with combat Maarines, not logistics, not comm but infantry, this is not a good idea.

"Strange times.

The wise, the average minded, and the brute have neither voice nor hand in shaping today's military. 

That leaves but one category of "thinker" – so addressed by Cicero – sculpting that force charged with protecting and defending America. Rodin is not among them.

The commandant's recent White Letter (originally published in English) outlining the Marine Corps way ahead as to women serving in ground combat units, including the infantry, omits that which the wise, the average minded, and even the brute expect to see validating such a contentious issue: metrics and data.

That is, irrefutable proof that adding women to ground (combat) units strengthens combat readiness and effectiveness.

Apparently, again, facts do not support politics. Do they ever?!

As with repeal of 'Don't Ask Don't Tell' - politics, not data (e.g., survey of the force), drove change."

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