(Those who work in D.C. when government offices close for a "snow day")

The last couple of posts on OMV have been disappointing to say the least and have gotten some negative and positive feedback. They are disappointments however you look at them.

Both the individual and the commands and even perhaps their parents who never instilled the elements at a young age we entrust as military members failed them. They are all of age to know wrong from right and because of free will they chose to make poor decisions. Decision that have had negative consequences accompanied by embarrassment for them and consequently all involved. They all should be held accountable. Now, on the far opposite end of the previous spectrum, I bring you the warriors that guard the tomb of the unknown soldier. Although it has never been officially named that, it is known by that name. These warriors are the far opposite of those depicted in the previous posts. They have grasped the elements and earned the honor to fulfill a great honor. Perhaps they should have a mentoring session with those in the previous posts? If you don’t know much about the Tomb of the unknown soldier, read more here. Time for a C-Gar


  1. God Bless these magnificent Military Warriors!! They are out there 24/7 braving the elements every single day, guarding this tomb & paying respect to those interred within. They truly represent the best American society has to offer, with their selfless service & their tireless vigil, keeping watch over those who sacrificed everything for the freedom & liberty that we all cherish so much!!

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