Really? The Army is really bending over now especially in the JROTC organizations. Here is the deal, the US Army has approved any religious nomination to wear their religious head dress in uniform.

(This totally seems like a post from the satire site “Duffle Blog” but no, it’s true. )

In fact anyone expressing their religious faith can do so while attending a religious service (this has been the case for some time actually) . This includes all that normally come to mind but if you wanted to press the issue, a devil worshiper could wear a goat heads on his head if he deemed it his religious “headgear” good luck stopping him with the relaxed rules currently in place.

However, now the US Army is considering allowing its “soldiers” to wear them in lieu of the service caps. Man, you army joes are sure confused. First it was only special steely eyed gurus wore berets, then you didn’t want to hurt little Johnny’s feelings so you let everyone wear berets now you don’t want to hurt some peoples feelings that have different religious beliefs like um Muslim for example or like the example one pictured so your going to allow them to wear that instead of the standard cap? That’s what you guys wear now, caps right (I honestly can’t keep you fashion queens straight.) Oh and whats up with allowing religious “soldiers” wear beards? (me shaking my head)……………………….



In the Marine Corps we say it like this. Its called a uniform. 1uni•form adjective \ˈyü-nə-ˌfȯrm\ : not varying or changing : staying the same at all times, in all places, or for all parts or members.: having always the same form, manner, or degree : not varying or variable . You see if you line up ten Marines, they will all look the exact same. One won’t have a cover on (Marine lingo for that thing you put on your head/grape) Another one won’t be wearing one of those sexy berets, no all of them will be the exact same or some like to call it “in uniform”.

It’s really amazing how we (America) have continued to bend over to please everyone. WTF? Let’s make this clear, it’s a “volunteer force”. So, if you volunteer, then you agree to play along and color within the lines. Not, volunteer but demand your camies are a different fashion statement. No, you get in uniform. Damn we suck, and we will continue to suck as long as cry babies allow us to get weaker and weaker every day.

The USAF has gone away from wearing "Glo belts" and instead of doing somthing like the USAF that makes sense, the US Army goes off on 180 degree tangent. Talk about Army of One………

Time for a C-Gar!


  1. I’m not against something like this, dependent on how it’s implemented. My only concern is a functional one with the beards, though it’s somewhat moot because there are those who are issued “no-shave” chits for medical purposes already. The only thing I call to light is the lack of an airtight seal on an OBA breathing apparatus, or the MOP Gear gas mask.
    A lot of people forget that India was a part of the Allied Forces during World War 2 and have been our allies since. I think ignorant folks see a Punjab Headdress and think Arab. The Pagri is a Sikh headdress -not Muslim and I wish people would learn simple geography and stop confusing them.

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