The holidays are over. You haven’t ever deployed? Well I can tell you, if you want a splinter of a feeling of what’s it’s like to return home, watch this video, and then watch it again. I dare ya to watch the entire thing but be careful, it can be a tough one to watch (like a Chuck Norris kick to the face)Those that have been away for the holidays and deployed, you can’t stop time and you are that much closer, to coming home. Time for a C-Gar


  1. One definitely needs to keep the kleenex close by for this video, but it is a stark reminder of just what our nation’s Warriors truly sacrifice when they deploy–time spent away from their families that can NEVER be replaced: time spent missing a son’t first baseball game or a daughter’s first soccer match . . . Irreplaceable & that’s why a huge debt of gratitude is owed to ALL who have ever served!! Freedom is never free, it always come at the hidden cost paid for by our nation’s Warriors, with their courage & their selfless dedication to the nation they love! May God Bless them all!!

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