“The Pentagon is considering sending U.S. troops back to the Middle East to help train Iraqi forces, defense officials said Friday.”

That’s correct folks, US troops may be headed right back to Iraq. If you didn’t know, they only moved to Kuwait when they left Iraq. No, they didn’t all return to the states, they moved and began rotations into Kuwait.  Now, it looks like they are headed right back to continue to do what we were doing when we left, except one small factor, without all of the US technological support structure behind them (not a good idea).

The above along with keeping US troops in Afghanistan after the so called “AFG deadline”  in 2014 is also a bad idea. With the sequestration and multiple of hundreds of troops being dumped by the DOD, the troops that will get wrapped up in these “stay behind” units are very new troops with no combat experience.

So look at these stats, you have to stay behind (AFG) or go back into (Iraq) countries we have been fighting in without all of the things and support structure that was/is currently in place and expected to train our foreign counterparts.  Oh, and by they way this is your fist deployment as you just go into the military. What’s these simple facts equate to? Dead Americans.  Advising? Tell the bad guys there not to shoot at you because you are an “advisor” now and when he continues to shoot at you, that air support you had back in 2010, is no longer there, its back in the states. Does that make sense?

Leaving troops in AFG past the drawdown and putting them back into Iraq kinda makes statements like this very obsolete and transparent.

 Time for a C-Gar

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