You have heard about “Lone Survivor” here at One Marine’s View before. The movie begins tomorrow and if you haven’t read the book, you should. I recommend it for any young American that will be facing friction in this uncertain world (that’s just about everybody). In case you didnt know the US Navy named a ship after the Lt in this book as well.

Many won’t go see it for numerous reasons but what they actually miss is that there is so much more to this movie than just a story in Afghanistan. You readers understand that but Joe blow out on the street just thinks it’s another “was” movie. Sad that many won’t have a clue it’s based on a true story, a group of hero’s story. Time for a C-Gar


  1. We’ve seen it twice already & will purchase the DVD when it comes out; we think it’s important to support any Hollywood project that evidences unapologetic support for our Military &/or a Conservative viewpoint. All that aside, it was also a fairly decent depiction of this harrowing & horrific battle scenes described in the best selling book, a must-read for anyone who seeks a modicum of understanding of what our Military Warriors endure on the front lines. Further proof that our military standards should never be diminished in order to accommodate people who can’t make the grade–simply for the idiotic purpose of facilitating ‘social engineering’ of our Military!!

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