It seems like yesterday. I was physically prepared as I ran my ass off to get ready but I had NO idea what awaited me. This is life for three long months. Three months of stress, physical fitness, and discipline that forms Marine recruits. Many will not understand these procedures but to move a large body of personnel quickly, they must be listening and ready to move. Doing things “by the numbers” is the bare bones basic way. It ensures everyone has what they are supposed to and makes sure Marines do things correctly. Not listening, gets Marines killed.  Think your Monday was bad? Man, what a time. Time for a C-Gar



  1. That looks familiar. November 1967 I entered Boot Camp. I was a Hollywood Marine only we were kneeling in front of the bins waiting for the rest of the recruits after their haircuts. The pain from kneeling is something I’ve never forgotten. Aww, the happy times.

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