"There are some common experiences that Marines (and Soldiers) who have deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan understand but that the news never really explains. Here’s a snapshot of those instants in time"

There are many things Americans don’t realize about their Marines and I could do a big post about that all alone alone. However, HERE are 13 things put together that you wont see in the news.

I came up with a few extras to include:


#14 if you have Wag Bags, you area are living good and if you have porta johns you are living great, if you have shitter/shower trailers, you must be in the Air Force.

#15 Running out of ammo sucks. Running out of grenades after you have ran out of ammo is worse. Carry plenty of ammo and make sure everyone, again, everyone knows how to call in mortars.

#16 Iraqi Hot / Afghani Hot is a verified grading spectrum , look it up. It will only take you 3-4 months to discover Iraqi/Afghani hot. If you have to ask, don’t.

#17 Providing security for your own small FOB is a good thing. No one cares about your throats getting cut more than you do.

#18 Learning to live with lice, mice, rats, snakes and other typical creatures in the shit holes we go to fight in is expected. You will be irritated by them at first, by month 4 you will get use to them, by month 7 the amount of F#C@s given cant me measured.

#19 Burn pits are a good resource. True they bellow large plumes of toxic vapors that Im sure have reduced years off my life by the amount of times Ive been stationed in small FOBS with burn pits almost as equally as large. However, there is nothing better that says “hey we are having fun” like a giant sink hole full of crap continuously burning your entire deployment. F-U-N!

#20 Returning home is always the best part of any deployment. That saying, eating a real meal not cooked by the same guys that burn your waste isn’t, nor is not showering for 45 days straight (I held that record), the smelling of 30 of your closest fellow warriors sleeping in some bombed out shit hole and their FAB (feet,ass and balls) smell reaching the “for the love of god burn your clothes” level.

See, I think they sold themselves short only listing 13. Hell, I listed another seven here just in the time it took me to light this cigar. They need to try harder. Always here to throw my two cents in. As you know, its only One Marines View.

Time for a C-Gar!



  1. Funny, Major, funny. Kinda sounds like this..
    when my injured Marine called me on a sat phone a few years ago,(heavily medicated)he said, “Mama, I’m at an Air Force base and they even have a MOVIE THEATER! going to the movies in a few days!”

  2. Now that’s some seriously funny shit & some of it also makes us all realize just how much ya’ll sacrifice so that we can go about our daily productive, uneventful little lives here ‘back at home’ because of the F#@$’d up shyte ya’ll have to endure for the majority of your deployments!

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