You read it here on One Marine’s View how a warrior did what he knew to do, fight terrorism, only to be hammered unjustly. Really? We’re going to spend countless hours and money to training our warriors then when they start “thinking” for themselves we are going to hammer them? He didn't rob a bank, steal a car, sucker punch an elderly person in some town for kicks, no, he was fighting bad guys. Let me say it again, he was doing what he was trained to do. Then some “person”(honestly that’s all I could call them without having people reading this cringe and close the article because I dropped a few “F” bombs) decided to call out how he supposable sent a classified document in the open.


Listen, I know what he sent and I can tell you if they are going to hammer him for sending what he did, then the lines at the Pentagon will be long because more senior officers have sent much worse in the open and brushed it off. Trust me, it’s a joke.

Wait a minute, are you saying that there is someone beginning to actually apply some common sense to this matter? Holy shit tards Batman, say it isn’t so. I won’t stop shaking my head in disbelief until this warriors slate is squeaky freaking clean. Until then, I have my suspensions. Feel free to let them know your thoughts, hell give them a call!

However, I will tell you this, I would gladly stand shoulder to shoulder with this Marine long before I did with those that accused him because frankly this doesn’t pass the bullshit smell test. Turn on Dr Phil if you don’t agree and pretend the world (America) is a happy freaking care bear type of place. I won’t lose any sleep. I will stand and gladly slug it out for my fellow Marines, they have at least earned that and I will not ever, get it EVER give up on them, especially the junior ones.

"It really does seem to be a witch hunt," said Kevin Carroll, an attorney working on Brezler's case. Six members of Congress who also served in the Marine Corps wrote to Navy Secretary Ray Mabus on Dec. 13 asking a string of questions about why Brezler was facing potential punishment, and expressing "concern" about the board of inquiry. "Brezler did not know the information was classified at the time he sent the email," the lawmakers wrote, adding that the military determined at the time "no harm to national security" had been done. The lawmakers also noted that the Marine "who sought, but ignored" Brezler's information about the Afghan police chief is the son-in-law of a former top-ranking officer in the Marines.

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Time for a C-Gar!

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