Thanksgiving. I’ve been away and away and away again for many holidays and  worked like they were no different from the next day but this year I will enjoy it in the US. The luxuries many take for granted hot water, a safe neighborhood and nonpoisonous food will be enjoyed this year. However, there are many this year that are away from their family and friends. Sure, they may get a makeshift turkey meal at a local big base DFAC chow hall, or maybe not.

The deal is, Thanksgiving brings good food but more importantly, brings family together. Being overseas only has the military family together which is a lot different from being with your actual family. For those that cannot be with family, think about them as you enjoy your friends and family. Yes, even your uncle Frank who may be a pain in the ass, is still family and although you may not enjoy his jokes, step outside the box and enjoy them. You may think you had rather be anyplace else but with some of those family members during the holidays but trust me, there are much worse places to be and the nicest thing in those areas would be your uncle Frank.

Be truly thankful this year, sometimes we often take how well we have it for granted. Take a few minutes and watch the below video, then get some of those young warriors sitting around the house to watch it. A warrior speaks. Happy Thanksgiving….and of course, Time for a C-Gar

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