Marines don’t wear their uniform (camies,digitals etc) in public because we can’t (not allowed to) however I see many Army “Joes” walking through the airport as I travel and good on em. Did you know that American Airlines will move a servicemember up to first class if they are in uniform and available? Just ask, they will do it.

I was on a flight last week and saw a young Captain (US Army type) sitting on the plane. The Marine in me was initially like, “be happy you have a seat,” but then the big brother in me thought for a second and tapped a flight attendant on the shoulder and asked if it would be possible to move the young Captain up to first class. She said no problem and they moved the Captain up. Marines tend to “stick out” but those Marines, Sailors, Airmen and Soldiers of the past may not. So if you’re traveling or while you’re keeping situation awareness and notice a past warriors tattoo, ask them if they served. If they did, tell them thanks. It will make their day.

Time for a C-Gar!

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