Haven’t heard much about the war in Afghanistan have ya? It seems like just about everyone has forgot about it, unless you know someone there.


"ARCENT, is moving equipment out of Afghanistan at a good pace and the recent government shutdown did not really affect the retrograde operation on that end. Soldiers and contractors kept things moving"


I can’t believe how the war has changed. In the past few years with the “new administration” in charge it’s been” ‘we are going home” and everything since then has been a wind down. Rules of engagement have change severely, missions have changed  to the point your warriors are simply staying on base and not even conducting counter insurgency  (COIN) operations anymore. I know many Marines are not happy with the times and especially going on deployments now with the way things are in Afghanistan and especially within the Marine Corps. Times have changed since Sept 11th, our beginning of the Afghanistan war and today. Things have changed significantly and the ones that are suffering from the change are those that had to go and make it.  Time for a C-Gar

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