Ya know America, just when you think our country is plummeting
downward and Americans just aren’t what they use to be, some come along and
prove ya wrong.

"I just thought if they could get them some Chicago pizza, champagne or something, that would mean a lot," she said


It began with a few good Marines returning from Afghanistan
and going through a civilian airport. As Marines we normally go to a military
base unlike the Army that routinely gores through Dallas Ft Worth etc.  However, when some motivators found out that
these warriors were coming in, they scrambled to make the best arrival they
could for them. Note, these are volunteers remind you. I went through a USO
today during a flight and I can tell you the volunteer there are awesome.

The welcome home crew was pretty awesome and is a nice touch
when landing on US soil to see that someone actually cares that your home.
However, it didn’t stop there, as a few first class passengers gave up their
seats so that these Marines could sit in First Class. Pretty cool move if I may
say so to those passengers that did that. We may never know who you are but we
know there are still great American that will do that for your Marines, like
those volunteers at the USO. We may never know your name, but know you all are
appreciated.  Read the full story here.

Time for a C-Gar!


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