Funny how things work out. There seems to be a lot of people asking a lot of questions to why Capt Swenson’s MOH citation was “misplaced”. The Army has leaned into fixing or maintaining the inconsistencies gaggled around the procedures of the good Captains citation.
“Army Secretary John McHugh said he issued a directive requiring that all Medal of Honor nominations in the service be sent to Army Human Resources Command, which oversees awards.
McHugh said that as soon as a nomination is created at the battalion level, higher headquarters will immediately be aware of it.”
Sooooo, previously when a MOH citation was submitted they weren’t aware of it? This smells like the Ol Texas two-step around the actual issue embedded here. However, if it improves the procedures and mitigates the friction of this surrounding bureaucracy, so be it. Keep an eye on this and see if he gets his wish to be allowed back into active service………..

Time for a C-Gar
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