Many of us wouldn’t have even known that Army Capt. William Swenson received the Medal of Honor Tuesday for his heroic actions back in 2009 during the battle of Ganjgal in eastern Afghanistan.
The majority of news networks are so wrapped up about some chick named “Miley”?? and her screwed up life…..(wow) they didn’t even cover the Captains event.

The fact of the matter is, the Captains citation was “lost” during the routing process. Was it lost or purposely deleted. Many will debate it was deleted because the good Captain wasn’t afraid to tell people (even if they out ranked him) that they were Fkd up if the case was so. So this paints a picture of threatened military personnel willing to delete a MOH citation to cover their ass.
Captain Swenson’s desire is now to return back to active duty service (the Army is reviewing his request) but I bet it doesn’t get approved, “he bitterly complained about incompetence in the ranks, suggesting to Army investigators and reporters that his commanders decided the political risk of civilian casualties outweighed the need to protect the lives of Americans.” should be interesting to watch. 

If you remember, this was the same battle that “Marine Sgt. Dakota Meyer, who fought alongside Swenson, received the same medal for his actions at Ganjgal. Tuesday marked only the second time in half a century that the nation's highest award for valor has been given to two survivors of the same battle.”
It was only after Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif got involved that his citation resurfaced. Hunter played a vital role in making this happen. Why would it take it to get to this level for a hero to be recognized? Makes me think his side of the story is legit about commanders “loosing” his citation. The last thing they want is him back in the ranks.

Personally, I think that’s exactly what our armed services need, heroes leading warriors. If it looks like a duck, smells like a duck it’s probably a duck. The good Captain will call it like it is and now he has the MOH backing him up. This is a military frauds worst nightmare. Time for a C-Gar

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  1. Honestly, I knew about this due to a pretty in-depth report on Al jazera network, including hard times he’s had since leaving the military. I’m proud of him, and thankful to him and wish him what he deserves-the best!

  2. that’s what happens when to many career officers think they can micromanage a war from outside the battlefield. Namely, Washington. And the rules of engagement diffently point out that the Captain was right in his concerns. And I agree those that refused to support a fellow trooper should have been court martialed.

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