Just in case you were “distracted” it’s good that you visit
One Marine’s View among other kick ass MilBlogs to get the word and todays NSN
(No Shit News) is that there are a shit ton of Marines, 900ish Soldiers and a
bunch of F16s still sitting in Jordan following Exercise Eager Lion.


For those
that didn’t know, Jordan is damn close to Syria. Despite the news reporting
that we won’t put troops on the ground in Syria, know we have a bunch on the
door steps along with a shit ton of US Navy ships hanging out. Despite how this
unfolds, remember there are dads, brothers and sons sitting out in the hot sun,
waiting. Time for a C-Gar


  1. No surprise here, not that I had any particular info, just a skeptic when it comes to politicians and their promises. Well thumbs down on this one. Bring them home. Oh and don’t miss the report the Major has provided a link to on our own stockpile of chemical weapons and the long process involved in disposing of them.

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