FOB Pain

Well America as you know if you read OMV you will know Im
back in the States. After establishing the security, Force Protection and began
patrols, today I posted the colors in the neighborhood and you can see them for
a long way. There is something about posting colors, especially at FOB Pain!

I made the flag pole from drilling pipe (bomb proof) and ordered the pole items from outlets and made it Marine tough. Not this $120 flag pole from Walmart, this thing is Grunt Proof.

Now speaking of FOB Pain, when I was with 1/6 we did actually
establish a FOB Payne, but not named after me. It was named on behalf of Cpl.
Ronald R. Payne Jr.
He was our KIA there and my Company was launched as a Quick
Reaction Force (QRF) of 240 Marines (nice QRF aye) after we had reports he was
KIA. Talk about basics, it initially consisted two hummers back to back with cami-netting, then grew from there (very basic). We picked the tactical ground in the middle of nowhere and said, yip, this is the spot. After several deployments and numerous units using the FOB, 3/5 closed the
place down
. He is still remembered and as I put my flag up today, I remembered
him and the dozens others that we lost during my past deployments. Hopefully,
when people see my Marine flag under the Stars & Bars they might just think
for a moment of the dedication that has gone to make this country great.  I know I do every morning.

Time for a C-Gar!


  1. COLORS!!! Those words always gave me goose bumps. The wife always looks at me like I’ve lost my mind when I tell her I’m gonna do a little recon around the ‘hood, have to be stealthy. And Major, you know ain’t no such thing as “Grunt Proof”. If anyone can break the un-breakable, it’s an 03-something. SF.

  2. Maj – that’s a sight to behold. So glad to have you home for awhile. It”s been a wild 10 years of Happy Trails. 🙂

  3. So true, not sure anything is grunt proof. If you put a brick in a room with a Marine, he will loose it, break it, try to eat it or hump it. Hey, we are simple creatures……..

  4. colors! I never get tired yelling it….. My kids look at me like a nut job though, they will come around. Concur pincher, best colors around bar none. Semper Fi

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