Service in the Marine Corps appeals to sons, daughters or students like yours for many reasons, including selfless service, pride, legacy, challenge, and a sense of belonging.

The desire to make a difference and serve selflessly inspires many to become Marines. Young men and women who have always stood up for what's right and contributed to a greater cause make successful Marines.

Ambitious, smart and motivated young men and women who want to be
part of a prestigious organization are drawn to the Marine Corps'
reputation as America's most elite fighting force.

Many young men and women consider enlistment in the
Marine Corps just to prove they can succeed at the challenge of a
lifetime. Undoubtedly, the Marine Corps is a test of physical
capability, mental endurance and character beyond any other.

A sense of belonging is also a strong reason for many to join the
Corps. Many youths want to feel commitment and loyalty to and from the
group they join next in life. The brotherhood found in the Marine Corps
is legendary; Marines put the Marine to the left and right ahead of
themselves. This spirit of Semper Fidelis —always faithful—is something they can’t find anywhere else.

No matter the reason for their interest, the Marine Corps seeks out
America's best: young people who already have a solid foundation of
character, as established by parenting or mentorship.

Parents and mentors have many reasons to support the decision to become a Marine.

Most Marine parents say they supported the decision
to join when they felt confident that their son or daughter made their
choice based on information and discussion rather than just impulse.

Parents and mentors want their kids to be stronger, mentally and
physically. They see that the Marine Corps can strengthen their sons’
and daughters’ sense of purpose, and that the Marine Corps seeks a
partnership in developing their son or daughter into the best possible
version of themselves.

Many parents support the desire to defend our country. They want
their son or daughter to have a path that allows them to make a
difference. They believe in the spirit of service and believe their
loved one is choosing to serve a noble cause.

Finally, benefits allow their son or daughter to enjoy the way of
life they are helping to protect. The Marine Corps provides for every
Marine, with a comprehensive benefits package and continuing
opportunities for self-improvement throughout service and life. An
emphasis on education and training, steady pay at the standard armed
forces rate and character traits that prepare them for life are among
the benefits of becoming a Marine.

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  1. Young man across the street left a couple of weeks ago, headed to Navy basic training. His Mom actually came over and wanted me to talk him out of, he’s always been somewhat of a “Momma’s boy”. I told her that if I talked to hem, I’d tell him to Man the f*#k up and join the Marine Corps. She said “never mind”. SF.

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