Since my return from overseas I have had the opportunity to
do a lot of traveling lately (as ya do when you return) and one of the places I
visited was Boise Idaho. Granted, my in-laws live there and while seeing them I
got the opportunity to visit my last SgtMaj who was in Afghanistan with me back
in 2010.  

While driving in his
neighborhood we looked for his address and I said, I think I know where he
lives as I noticed the large American flag, backed up by a Marine Corps flag
unde neith it.  You can probably guess
what transpires after you say your initial hellos, shake hands, open the gun
safe and examine the SgtMajors weapons in his safe. What else, you light up a
cigar and break out the Jack Daniels and remember the good, the bad and yes unfortunately,
the ugly. However this time after the “wimins” continued their conversations,
we sat and enjoyed the company of warriors that can only be understood if ya
been there.

Long into the night (actually morning) we continued to laugh
and shake our heads about stories past until neither of us could actually see
straight. After a couple cigars and a very large bottle of JD, the night passes
quickly, too quickly especially when we haven’t get to see fellow warriors for
a few years. It truly made us remember that life is short and that a few years
is too long to see one another and simply remember those that didn’t come back.

After we left his place, the next morning was a bit rusty
but every minute was worth it. Think about what you’re doing today, is it
really worth it? If not, make it a worthwhile day. Thanks for  dinner SgtMaj…….


Time for a C-Gar!


  1. Thanks for sharing it with us. If you are on the Central Coast of CA, contact me. Beach BBQ on us! It would be our honor. Thanks to you all.

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