It’s great to be back in America. I will say, even at its
worst, America is better than anywhere in the world. I had the opportunity to
spend the 4th of July in Texas (God Bless Texas) and attend an
awesome firework demonstration.

Texas does it big, it does it proud and it does
the 4th of July, American. I bet many of you enjoyed your holiday,
enjoyed some fireworks but I bet it wasn’t like this. First we went to a car
race (pretty awesome) and for those that don’t know, in Texas, they say a
prayer, then sing the National Anthem in the way it was written to be sung, not
all Hollywood up (vomit) and by the way, the singer didn’t forget the words,
they nailed it!!!

There is also something to be said by people honoring our
troops, saying “Thank You” and offering super-sized drinks and free refills
(one of the things I’ve missed) along with BBQ and beans (tasty). For those
that celebrated outside of Texas, I will ask did you get chills up your spine
when the patriotic music played as fireworks bursted over your head or was
there some crazy ass music playing as you watched fireworks from afar?  With streets lined with American flags down
the street as I went on a little run to clean out the pipes I noticed that
regardless of what is going on throughout America, there is a place, where they
give a shit about America. They just don’t say it, they demonstrate it with
their actions.  We will see if that’s the
same for other places I travel in the near future.

Along with free refills, I can now get C-Gars in the same
day, can take a very long shower without water pressure dropping when someone
else is showering, enjoy current music and enjoy America. Listen gang, we have
it nice, real nice here and I can tell every time I return back to America I
see we all take this great land full of luxuries for granted. Clean water, safe
neighborhoods where people aren’t leaving death notes on your door and stores
that make other people from thousands of miles away travel to America to buy
our products.

I did chuckle the other day when I heard some teen agers
bitching about something mundane in the store and I just sat in the brief line
to pay for gas with a smile on my face and chomping on a C-Gar thinking, you
have no clue how good you are off here. How I would love to take every high
school senior to Afghanistan for 90 days to really see the world. Can you
picture how they would handle that? After they cleaned the poo out of their
shorts after the first IED near miss, we could get them involved into adopting
a village and rebuild it and improve their water sources. However kids, don’t turn
your back on that farmer, he may haave been intimidated by the bad guys and try
to kill you. Ya, I would love to take a few teen agers (give the “real tough
guys”) and we will see how tough they are after they ask me where the gym or mall
is and I begin to show them they have a few more things in life to worry about
instead of the gym or the mall. Let’s keep you alive for the first 30 days how
bout for starters…..


Ya, This fourth of July was not only a great patriotic
welcome home, it was a reminder that America is alive and strong  even if its not apparent where you live. Its
good to be back America.

Time for a C-Gar!


  1. I came to Texas in ’71 after my return from the RVN. Never regretted it – Texas is a state of mind.

  2. Welcome home Major. Yes, it’s different here in Texas. We had a 5k race here in town on the 4th and prior to the start we sang the National Anthem, and said the Pledge of Allegiance. Thank you for your service. Come back and visit any time!

  3. Thanks for the comments guys, I was stunned how people I came across routinely demonstrated kindness and respect. A rare trait in todays world. God Bless Texas!

  4. Hubby came back from Vietnam in ’68. He flew in to San Francisco where he and the rest of the guys were met with protestors carrying signs and spitting. Needless to say he was livid. Since I was living back home in Longview, Texas he flew from there on an old C47 (Trans Texas Airways). Waiting for his flight he was sitting next to a middle aged guy in a suit and they struck up a conversation. Seems the man was a businessman flying back to Dallas, his home. He took hubby into a restaurant and fed him the biggest steak they had. Hubby never forgot that and we frequently remember that guy with a salute. I grew up in Texas but wound up in Florida. I live in a small town full of good Americans; but even so they don’t compare to my beloved Texans. Welcome home Major. And thank you so much for your service. We will survive.

  5. Thanks for the smile you put on my face this morning, MP. No doubt! God blessed Texas! There is a reason so many of our veterans have made Texas home. 🙂

  6. I am the last American living in Miami, Florida and my dream is to move to TEXAS! I’ve seen a bumper sticker that says “I wasn’t born in Texas, but I got here as quick as I could”. It’s the people, they are kind, respectful and friendly…none of that where I live…hell, they don’t speak English where I live.

  7. I’m glad you had the experience of Texas, if only in a small way. I’m a native Texan (though I fully agree that Texas is a state of mind — if you move to Texas & want to be a Texan, you are one), but now I’m exiled to Oregon, having had to take care of in-laws. How I miss it.

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