A group of United
States Marines
is taking part in the yearly military exercise known as
"Eager Lion" in Jordan, a country that borders Syria. Just yesterday,
President Obama said he would increase military aid to Syrian rebels as a
consequence of the nation using chemical weapons on its own people, according
to the Associated Press


Sent to Syria? Not directly but the
26th MEU is participating in the exercise (Eager Lion) in Jordan. I say again, A Marine
Expeditionary Unit  (MEU) is already on the ground in Jordan (next to
Syria). Now, this exercise has been planned for some time as the Asoc press
reads but know, it would be very easy to left turn into Syria, in a blink of an
eye. Why do countries get so damn scared when US Navy ships are seen of the
horizon? Because they are full of Marines, that’s why.

Although the exercise isn’t planned to
go long, the US will
some F16s & Patriot Missiles in Jordan. In case you didn’t know,
F16 & Patriots are not, never been will never be apart of a MEU and thus
this was planned in parallel. (I smell a "no fly zone" building) .

Your warriors are always in the middle
of something. If there is trouble, and people need help, it isnt unusual to
find Marines. Thats just how we are. America's 911 Force!


Time for a C-Gar


Your Marines in action at Eager Lion
in Jordan.



  1. No No No No No. Don’t we ever learn? How many times are we going to get sucked into a civil war? Remember Beirut? Anyone? Let the goat f*#ckers kill each other. SF.

  2. One Marine… This is not a slight on men and woman in uni. I was one myself. However, lets look at how US intervention is going in the middle east. Egypt, Libya, Yemen, SA, PalAuthority. Now, arming the Taliban to fight the Syrians, which help Bin Laden, who we fought against and for?
    Let’s get real. Not supposed to be Mercynaries. In fact, you can’t be as we’re working with the wicked, so you can’t be giving mercy.
    This is chaos. Planned very possibly.

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