You may have read about Taylor Morris here. However, another great website called The Chive, picked up on this story and ran with it and ran big. Look through the picture progression below, then read on.

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This is the story of Taylor Morris, a 23 year-old Navy EOD tech:

Taylor Morris learned at an early age he was hooked on the outdoors,
adventurous, the middle of 4 children and always the last one inside for
dinner at his home in Cedar Falls, Iowa. His mother Juli recalled, "Our
family took a camping trip from Niagra Falls down the East Coast one
summer. Taylor set up the tents every night, started the fires, cooked
the meals. Taylor was only 8 years old." As Taylor grew older and took
to extreme water sports and rock climbing, Taylor discovered he was also
very calm under extreme pressure. This quality would later make him the
perfect candidate for the Navy's EOD, Explosive Ordinance Disposal.

Explosive ordinance disposal specialists were made famous in Kathryn Bigelow's The Hurt Locker.
They are the preeminent tactical and technical explosives experts.
Nicknamed 'The Shield', OED specialists always lead, the first to put
themselves in harm's way to tackle unexploded ordinance and IED's.

Less than one month ago near the Kandahar province in Afghanistan, Taylor was doing his job, right out in front.

Leading a team of Army Special forces to a classified location,
Taylor stepped on an IED. It exploded underneath him and blew off all
four of his limbs. Taylor recalled the moment to me over the phone,

"As soon as I stepped on it, I knew. There was a moment,
then I heard the blast. I felt the heat. I knew I had lost my legs. As I
summersaulted through the air, I watched my legs fly off."

Taylor landed back in the blast crater. This is where the story of Taylor's bravery goes next-level.

After the explosion, Taylor didn't lose consciousness, he didn't go
into shock. His thoughts immediately crystalized. Even though Taylor was
bleeding to death, he called to the oncoming medics NOT to come get
him, putting their safety in front of his own life.

"I recounted the moment of the explosion. There was no
visual on the mine and no sound ID on my mine detector. That told me the
mine was old. If there were other mines out there, the medics wouldn't
see them or detect them unless it was cleared properly. I knew I had
arterial bleeding from all 4 limbs and I was bleeding out fast. I told
my buddies to stop, it would only have hurt me more if somebody stepped
on another one."

The area around Taylor was finally cleared by the second EOD and the
medic finally administered combat casualty care. Taylor remained
conscious through the ordeal.

Three days later on May 6th Taylor landed back in the States and was
transported to Walter Reed hospital in Washington D.C. to begin the long
and painful rehab process. Upon his arrival, Taylor became only the 5th
person at Walter Reed to ever survive a four limb amputation. His
physical progression in the last three weeks has defied everybody's
expectations, "My body is responding well. I'm already sitting up. I'm
very fortunate." Just yesterday, the stitches in his arms were removed
and he was fitted for prosthetics.

I asked Taylor if he's been given a time frame to return home to Iowa.

"Nobody really wants to give me a time frame, I
understand that. The doctors here are amazing but I don't know when I'll
go home. I've got goals though, personal goals, and I intend on
achieving them."

As our conversation drew to an end I asked Taylor if he needed
anything medically, "No, I'm fully covered by the Navy for my medical
needs." I asked, "Ok, Taylor, if you could have anything in the world,
what would it be?"

Taylor paused and finally spoke,

"I've always dreamed of having a log cabin in the woods
on a lake. A traditional wood cabin on the outside with a modern
interior. And good lighting. Good lighting is important. My girlfriend
Danielle and I, we live simple lives but we've always loved being
active, spending time outside with our families."

I asked Taylor's girlfriend Danielle about this dream cabin. She
said, "Taylor and I are both savers, and we had been working our butts
off to ensure we'd have a cabin, close to water to do water sports, and
places we can hike. After what happened, we will not abandon that dream
if it takes years of saving."

After I thanked Taylor for the zillionth time for his service, I hung
up the phone and sat in silence recalling our conversation. I was so
nervous when we first started chatting but somehow Taylor sets you at
ease. He made it ok to ask hard questions about the explosion that
nearly killed him and his painful rehab. I recalled something his mother
had told me over the phone, "Taylor has a certain humility about his
pain, it comforts you."

I knew I had just spoken to a hero, not the movie kind either, a real
one. And I think he deserves a hero's homecoming. Taylor hesitated to
tell me his own timeline to return home, that hope belongs to him alone,
but I believe when he does return home at the end of this long journey,
HOME should be to a place he's always dreamed about.

When Taylor returns, I want theCHIVERS to have provided the down
payment on his dream cabin. We have the best community on the internet
and I'm setting the goal at $30,000. But we all know about your endearing tradition of smashing goals. Let's help build Taylor his cabin, a place where he and his family can relax for generations to come.

Taylor's family has set up a website, TaylorMorris.org, to educate people about his life and his injuries. They've set up a donations page. Paypal and Credit Cards are accepted right here.

Even if you donate a dollar you're making a huge difference. There
are millions of Chivers and if you give just a little, your dollar will
go farther than you'll ever imagine in this moment right now.

UPDATE #1: I can't believe this but after 45 minutes, Taylor's story is going viral. The total raised already is $27,814.00. Unreal.

Update #2: 12:15 PM PST: $36,442. Goal exceeded! The family told me the donations appear to be coming in even faster right now.

Update #3: 12:35 PST: $48,170

Update #4: After crossing the $50,000
mark I spoke to Taylor, Danielle, and the Morris family. They are
gathered around the computer in disbelief. Taylor said, "I had no
expectations for this, John, I can't believe this is happening. Please
thank all the Chivers for me from the bottom of my heart."

Update #5: $60,000

Update #6: $70,000

Update #7: 2:20 PST $80,000

Update #8: 3:20 PST $95,000. Let's do this, Chivers!

Super-Awesome Update: We just hit $100,000 in 4 hours and the donations show no sign of stopping.

Update #10: 5:30 PST $115,265 UPDATE #11 (5 minutes later): $120,000

Late Night Update
: I'll continue these updates first thing in
the morning. Even late into the night the donations continue to surge.
We've hit $143,000. You've exceeded the initial goal by over $100,000.
Words escape me.

Update #11: 8:00 am PST $177,641

Update #12: 1:30 PST $196,000 – The final push to $200k

Update #13: $200,000!!!

Update #14:$210,000

Update #14. Saturday 10:00 am PST $230,000


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  1. Incredible journey of two incredible people. More than humbled by their story. If any one should wonder what love looks well take a look at the two of them overcoming together.

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