light of the recent terrorist bombing in Boston, national attention is
refocused on the case of TMLC client, Army LTC Matthew Dooley.  In 2012,
Dooley was fired from the National Defense University’s Joint Forces Staff College for teaching an elective course on Radical Islam because it was offensive to Muslims.

Dooley was reassigned to a weapons integration unit at Fort Eustis,
VA.  In this new position, Dooley again received an outstanding Officer
Evaluation Report (OER).  Click here to read LTC Dooley’s most recent OER. 

LTC Dooley’s case went before the Army Command Selection Board
comprised of three generals and two colonels.  The board recommended he
be retained on the Battalion Command selection list.

political correctness again ruled the day.  Gen. Lloyd J. Austin, the
Army Vice Chief of Staff, ordered Lt. Col. Dooley’s name removed from
the command list.

In his Sunday April 28th article, Washington Times reporter Rowan Scarborough reported on these latest developments.   Click here to read the entire article.
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