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So you want to be a Marine huh? Well know this, if it was
easy to be a Marine, everybody would be a Marine.  Below are some tips to try to get into your
thick skull of what to expect.


1)    Expect
I know, you’re the tough kid on the block right? You’re one fist
class bad ass right. Well sweetheart you have no freaking concept. When you fly
to boot camp you are going to be in a unfamiliar place and no one is your
friend. Things will be strange, everything you have will be boxed up, your head
will be shaved, then you get to meet your drill instructors. Imaging a tornado.
A load tornado that spits on you while he screams at you. He is telling you to
do a simple task but you haven’t had much sleep, in fact none because its
designed that way. You will have trouble putting on your socks you will be so
tired. You will not do anything fast enough to suit a drill instructor.
Nothing, and you will pay for it. When you do manage to do the task fast
enough, you will still pay for it because the slowest kid in your platoon, is
still slow.. One team, one fight. Expect chaos.  Take away: War will be
chaotic. Like nothing you have ever experienced.  To succeed in war you will have to recognize
chaos, adapt to it and even excel in it. You will need to be flexible, adapt
and overcome. This will come with confidence.


Never complain.
Boot camp will teach you
team work. You will endure and sacrifice for your fellow Marine. It won’t be
fun to work your butt of to only pay for someone else’s mistake. You can
complain, or you can go help the weak link in your unit. Teach him how to be
faster.  Those that complain are thinking
about themselves and their own welfare. Get over it billy, you’re not in
highschool anymore. It’s called growing up and you will have to do it now to
get through boot camp. Take away:
suck it up. Enduring the friction will make you stronger and you will need
strength, mentally and physical and team strength to get through boot camp.


3)    The
Sometime within the first
month, you are going to hit rock bottom. 
Boot camp will break you down and rid you of all of your “old” habits. You
are going to ask yourself why you are doing this. However, it is the first day
that you begin to say’Yes Sir” & “No Sir” automatically out of respect. You
begin to know what the drill instructor is going to say before he says it. You
are moving efficiently and at light speed. You are getting stronger.  Take
Never give up, you are about to succeed just when you think you are
going to fail.


4)    Think of your Marines with you. Every platoon
has a tough guy. A kid that was from a gang or one who thinks talks and acts
tough. Everybody is a tough guy, until they actually meet a tough guy. The
drill instructors will sort these guys out, don’t worry. If you want to know,
he’s scared just as much as you are.  If
you go through the obstacle course, do a run, whatever and you are first, don’t
stand there and say ”look at me world, I’m fist” you will be crushed by the
drill instructors. Look at who you should be helping. Who is struggling and go
help him. Take away: you are getting
stronger, it’s not coming without a price. You will feel some pain but you are
getting stronger. Make sure you weakest link is getting stronger as well.


5)   Think
ahead, plan ahead.
You will learn to think one step ahead of the drill
instructor. You will know what’s coming but plan not one but two steps ahead.
If you know the first thing you’re going to do in the morning is shave, shave
at night. Now while everyone is wasting time shaving, you are going onto the
next step.  Time is your worst enemy, if
you can do two things at once and be more efficient, the better off you will
be. Also move as fast as humanly possible. You will find yourself becoming a
blur. You will be planning ahead and doing things simultaneously Take away: Think two steps ahead of
where you are now.


6)   Respect. It’s not given, its earned. Your drill
instructors will yell, yes they will make your tooth fillings fall out at
times. However, other times you will almost think you’re a mind reader as they
will say something and you will have already began to move to do what he said,
before he says it.  After time, they will
say one or two words. Its really bad if they are whispering in your ear.
Nothing good is coming from that. But you will see that the Dis are fist, set
the  example have the best squared away uniform.
They will become your role model. There are time when you are in what you think
is your weakest times in boot camp and they will find numerous ways to motivate
you. To lead you. Take away: Respect
and you will get respected. True respect is earned, not demanded. If you find a
leader who keeps his cool, learn all you can from him. Watch how he speaks
under pressure—confidently, directly, and to the point. This will be the leader
in combat when everything else is falling apart, he will have it all together.


above are just tips and only words on a blog. If you go to boot camp you should
be proud. It takes guts to even try to be a Marine. These tips will only shed a
light on what awaits you but I guess you could say these tips could be used in
life, not just boot camp. Boot camp is tough. Marine Boot camp is
tough and a life altering experience.  You will question why your there, but you will
also begin to see yourself change. You will hit highs and lows. You will be sad
and exit confident and strong. When you finish boot camp you will feel like you
can do anything and if you put your mind to it, you’re right, you can do
anything. It wont be easy. Some will not finish boot camp. Many will fail or
give up. Some will prevail. Some will stand for something greater than themselves.
Some, will become Marines.


Time for a C-Gar!


  1. Ha!
    Me to my rackmate at PI, Terry P., at some point I don’t remember: “You know we’re never going to get out of here. They’re going to kill us.”
    Not to be long-winded, but at the Marine Corps Museum, I noticed tears on some faces (I confess. Mine too.) when they saw the mock-up of the bus bringing in new recruits to MCRD. Not necessary to ask IF they were Marines, only to ask WHEN they arrived.
    Thanks Major!

  2. so heartfilling. add me on facebook. you see, i’m thinking about enlisting in the Marines, but have no motivation. I need things to uplift me and make me get out there, ya know? I know being a Marine is worth it, and i’m proud to serve my country, but really, what’s the difference between a Marine and a cop?

  3. Fucking alpha male military bullshit.
    Marines are awesome blah blah
    They have my first born son. He was fine without military indoctrination. Fucking war machine.
    Semper fuck off.

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