Helmet cam POV of a Marine in Afghanistan having a very close call with
an Improvised Explosive Device (IED). Thankfully and miraculously he

It’s Monday. Before you 
let the thoughts that boo freakin hoo for me I’ve got to go to work
today, where most likely nothing too dangerous is going to happen to you,
remember as you use hot water to shave or shower, use the clean toilet, enjoy
the cup of joe your Mrs made you, savor the cold milk with breakfast, remember that
there are 20 year old warriors out in the shit scum part of the world getting
blown up and shot at and still kicking ass in the fight against terrorism that
everyone has forgot about.  

Before you leave a comment and tell me “that’s the life you
chose so don’t complain” and I have to heart punch you, and say some colorful things about your mother that I guarantee
she won’t approve of as I look at you while you’re on the ground, know this. Yes,
I among the other thousands of gunfighters did choose this business 24/7, 365.
That includes over holidays, during kids first steps and many other important
dates you jack wagons will enjoy in your underwear while playing PlayStation.  Its probably way outside your comfort zone to
even fathom what these studs go through as you continue to ask “what the Gov
can do for you” instead of you getting off your ass and making a difference for America.
Either way, I don’t give a damn to what you think your entitled to……(in my best
Jack Nicholas voice) . See,  its Monday. Its
all how you approach the day….happy like me.

Time for a C-Gar!



  1. That’s right!!! Smile as you work your ass off and be happy you have a job to do and not sit around on your ass collecting $$ for doing nothing… What can we do for our country….. NOT WHAT CAN MY COUNTRY DO FOR ME!!!

  2. Makes me very glad I’ve been an AnySoldier since 2004. I’ve never been told but wonder sometimes if the food I send to the troops is the last thing they ate before going out on patrol and loosing their life to an IED or gunfire.

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