RA-5C Vigilante Fighter
(From a One Marine's View Reader) "The story about the POW bracelet hit home for me because Lt Norrington
was my division officer and I helped launch the aircraft that he was
shot down in.I am the guy that sent you (Maj Pain) the boxes when you were in
Iraq".Howard L.

"he asked why
I was late I told him the truth, that I was with a young lady



was working the flight deck on the USS Enterprise in 1968 launching our
aircraft an RA5C Vigilante piloted by Lt Norrington and the
bombardier/navigator was I believe  Ltjg Tangemen. Our squadron was
RVAH-1 based in Albany Georgia. 

We were a reconnaissance outfit
photographing the bombing damage. I believe Lt Norrington was a Marine
and he wanted to fly jets so he transferred to the Navy. He was my
division officer and one night I was returning after curfew while on
liberty in Olangapo and he was the officer on duty and when he asked why
I was late I told him truth, that I was with a young lady and my
truthful answer impressed him and he sent me on my way with no penalty.
Needless to say it was a sad day when his aircraft did not return that
day and later we learned he was taken prisoner.

feel free to fix the above as needed and I would be honored to have it
on One Marines View which I read every morning.(Howard L.)

You see America, your warriors are out there, among you, they guy that you see on the bus in the morning, the guy that works the produce store. All of them heroes like Howard.  They go through their day, doing their life rotine like all of us. They dont ask for praise, they dont "demand" parades or create debacles like some hollywood star. They know what they have done. The last thing they need to do is prove jack shit to anyone. Why? Because like Lt  Norrington, the young 21 year old Marine in Helmand Province, the honorable fighter in Vietnam that no one thanked and my friend Howard, they are American heroes. Thanks for sharing your story Howard, Sir! (I salute you)!!!

Time for a C-Gar!



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