1. “My spirit is almost broken over this…” Key word: almost
    I have felt the same way. But I know the CIC is fighting a battle he ultimately will not win on this issue. When local sheriffs all over the country are saying they won’t enforce any confiscation laws, it’s a BIG problem for the grabbers.
    By the way, Major. My boy was offered C.D. And to think just a few years ago he was ready to give it up when he wasn’t selected his first go-round for PLC. Again, you are instrumental in him being where he is today. Thanks again.

  2. Warriors, all of you can make a difference. We, are America!
    There are no easy answers’ but there are simple answers. We must have the courage to do what we know is morally right.
    Ronald Reagan
    Pincher- I knew you would like the video.
    Don- Stay tough warrior, when you think it may all be lost in the future, know, great men stand to make sure that doesnt happen. Tell your warrior to kick butt. I can guide/recommend but he made it happen. Pass on my congrats!
    Bruce- your efforts arnt small by any means. One person can make a difference!
    Keep attacking warriors!

  3. I will pass it on to the 100 on my email contact list and I know they all will too, I know this needs to go viral and with our help, it will.
    God Bless this young man for standing up.

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